Wednesday, 10 February 2016

That'll do Leif!

It's been a little while since we shared news of Leif's progress, so its about time we showed off some of his skills.

Leif came back to us just before Christmas and I was keen to get him working on our sheep. The wettest winter that I can remember and some very tame sheep didn't get things off to the best of starts with flooded fields and hooligan sheep! I was keen to get him working though and at the start of January, we moved some of our sheep offsite to a new location (more news on that in a few weeks) and I begun working him there.

Working sheepdogs is quite a skill, so I have been learning alongside Leif and you have to take care with this because any 'mistakes' made by myself would likely amplify in Leif and could lead to him developing some bad behaviours. I have been very lucky to have a number of people to call on for help with this and over the last couple of weeks, me and Leif have grown together, I've learnt to handle him with firmness and more confidence. We've had our little setbacks at times, but that's when it's time to do a bit more reading, make a phone call and have a go the next day.

A couple of weeks ago, I made a trip up to Cumbria for the weekend to get some feedback from school farm friend, Hannah Jackson. While I was there, I managed to get some video (sometimes difficult when you're by yourself) so that I could share Leif's progress.

He's now showing a confident outrun and he 'doesn't take any messing' from the sheep.

That'll do Leif. Good lad.

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