Monday, 5 October 2015

Working on a Weekend?

Anyone who lives with a teacher will tell you that teachers work on weekends. For Mr Fearon, this week, that meant transporting some sheep up to a farm in Cumbria. If you've been keeping up to date with our twitter feed, you'll have noticed that we recently acquired a Hampshire Down ewe and we've named her Hermione. Friend of the farm and all-round supporter of new entrants into farming, Hannah Jackson, had a role to play here after she introduced Mr Fearon to her Hampshires when he took Leif up for his summer holiday. Now that we have entered the world of Hampshire's, we needed to get her tupped as soon as possible so that Hermione can lamb in a similar window to our Zwartbles. Hannah happens to have a rather handsome tup going by the name of Hugo and so the matchmaking service goes.

Hermione the Hampshire

Hermione and Hugo getting to know each other a little better.

Hermione will spend the next few weeks up in Cumbria (hopefully she wont come back baaing with a Cumbrian twang) and then she'll rejoin the flock until she lambs. This wasn't a one-way thing however. Back in March, Hannah visited our farm for the first time, and as a local lass, we think she was impressed with what we have managed to set up here in urban Bebington. Hannah was particularly taken with one of our Zwartble tup lambs, Carlos. And so this weekend Carlos made his way up to his new home where he'll work as a teaser. A teaser is an intact male sheep (so the testicles haven't been removed as is done with the majority of young male lambs) that has a vasectomy - this means that he will produce the hormones that should stimulate Hannah's ewes into synchronising their oestrus cycle without being able to actually inseminate them.

 Hannah welcomes Carlos to the Brookside Farm crew

Carlos quickly makes friends with Gunner


As I am writing this, Hannah has sent this picture - Hugo has done his job!

Hugo has been a busy boy!

You can follow Hannah on twitter: @redshepherdess