Monday, 6 July 2015

My Cheshire Show - Sasha Warburton

Hi, I'm Sasha and I am in Mr Fearon's Yr 11 Animal Care class, but in September I will start on the Level 3 Animal Management course.

I was really excited when I was chosen to go to the Cheshire Show however I was more excited for Mr Fearon's and Mrs Arrowsmith's ghost stories - everyone who went last year said they were amazing!

Mr Fearon asked me to be the first student from our school to show in a new category - 'Dam and Offspring'. Dam is the goaty name for mother. So I was going to be showing Phoebe who gave birth to Sooty & Sweep last December. Sooty & Sweep are very special goats for us, they were the first pygmy goats to be born on the farm and they now live at Grove St Primary School in New Ferry. Our class helped the students set up the farm at Grove St and the school has done a very good job helping Sooty & Sweep settle in.

We were all very excited when we left for the show, we were like kids at Christmas! It doesn't take us long to get to the show, but Mr Fearon got lost so we had something to make fun of him with.

We moved all our animals into their new temporary accommodation and because I was part of the goat team, we got their pens ready and made sure that the goats had hay, water and food. We also put special signs up so that visitors to the show would know that the goats come from a school farm.

At the end of the first full day, Mrs Arrowsmith took the goat team over to the goat tent and we started to practice how we show the animals. The people from the Pygmy Goat Club were really helpful and gave us loads of useful advice that definitely helped us when we were showing.

When the showing started, I was a little nervous. The competition was national so there were lots of entries in all of the categories, so we knew it would be difficult to win. It was very hot and this made the goats a little more stubborn because some of them were refusing to walk. We watched Josie and Jordan in the Young Handler which was first. They both did very very well and I think that they were unlucky not to come 1st and 3rd, but Clio was a little bit silly when she was walking. Later on, Holly and Hollie (2nd & 3rd in Young Handler last year) competed again, but it was a tough class.

Then it was my turn......I was putting my flat cap and white coat on and the judges hurried us out into the show ring, Phoebe trotting along behind me. It felt like all eyes were on me! Oliver and Fleur from Grove St were with me because they had Sooty and Sweep and we chatted to the judge about the goats, she was very friendly.There were lots of entries in our class and we placed fifth which I am happy with!

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