Thursday, 2 July 2015

My Cheshire Show - Ethan Kinney

I'm Ethan and I study in Mr Fearon's Yr 10 Animal Care class. I was picked to go to the Cheshire Show with our animals for the second year running and in the weeks before we all got very excited. I really enjoy showing the animals and talking to people about our farm.

We have a special trailer for the farm that our sheep can go in safely and a gate to separate the goats, this is important to keep them safe on the motorway. It isn't a very long journey to the show, unless Mr Fearon goes the wrong way - he said it wasn't his fault!

Phoebe is ready to go!

When we arrive at the show, the first thing to take care of is the animals, so we get them settled into their pens, with straw, hay and plenty of water because it was quite warm. After all the animals were settled, we put our tents up and got the camp ready for the next two nights.

We love camping! 

This year I was working with the sheep again. We have a small flock of pedigree Zwarbles and I was hoping that my sheep, Bebington Bluebell, was going to place well. Last year Bluebell came second to Blossom in the lamb category. This year they were in the Shearling Ewe category (this means that they are a one year old female).

On the first evening, me and the rest of the sheep team (Ellie, James, Jake and Jess) went to practice showing our sheep with Mr Fearon pretending to be the judge. We had to make sure that we knew everything about our sheep in case the judge asked us questions and we also had to make sure that the sheep stood well.

The next day, the competition began and I was a little bit nervous, but I was confident that Bluebell would do well. There were five ewes in our category and four of them were Zwartbles, this made the competition stronger and Mr Fearon said he hopes that there will be a class especially for our breed next year because at the moment, our category is 'Any Other Continental Breed'. Bluebell did really well and came second for the second year running so I was really pleased with her. After Bluebell had come off, I stayed around to help support our other students in their classes with the lambs from this year.

Showing Bluebell & Blossom

When we got home on the Wednesday I went straight to bed because I was really tired, but I came in early again on Thursday to feed the animals before school!

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