Thursday, 16 July 2015

Ethan on Work Experience at Church Farm

Hi,my name is Ethan and I went to Church Farm for Work experience and it was really
educational as it was good to see how other farms work as it was very different. Church Farm wasn't easy work but wasn't hard as the things we did was cleaning the animals and planting/weeding and feeding which was really enjoyable to do.

 At Church Farm I got to work with lots of different animals for example pigs, meerkats, rabbits, chickens, cows, sheep, donkeys and alpacas which was really fun!! My favourite animals there was the meerkats as they just had a funny personality which I really liked and I really enjoyed working with them. The first day we just got to know everybody who worked there and they were all very nice to us especially The Boss (he even gave me a tractor ride) which was really cool. We also cleaned out a few animals on the first day and it was nice to have the opportunity to work with some animals that we don't have on our farm like alpacas and cows.

On the second day we came in and fed all the animals in the morning and then headed straight up to the vegetables section and we had to take all the potatoes out that had fallen in and get all the weeds out (it only took 4 hours), we than had to put this long white sheet over them so none of the flies could get at them and damage the crops. We also cleaned out the geese which was fun because they have a big attitude problem! Now I know why Mr Fearon won't get them for our farm.

After cleaning the geese out it was time for the afternoon feed for the animals so we fed some of the animals as there was a party at the night time that was going to feed some after that was all done we went home. It was good to spend this time getting to know all of the jobs that needed to be done on a farm that is open to the public five days a week. I want to have my own farm one day, but I also really enjoy showing people around our farm back at school.

On the last day we we came in the morning again and we fed all the animals we then cleaned out the chickens, ponies and also the donkeys which was usually an easy job but it was very hot. We were then asked to do a job that we hadn't done before to clean the cows water which was really difficult as we had to give it a really good scrub to get all the dirty stuff out of it but once we did it it was nice and clean.

Mr Fearon came to visit us on the last day, and we showed him Henry. Henry was a lamb that we raised on our farm at school and we sold to Church Farm last year - Ash put him to six of their ewes earlier this year and he gave twins to each one! This is such a cool link that we now have with Church Farm!


Henry's lambs

Throughout this time there were a lot of family/school visits which we were asked to help in. It finally came to the end of the day were we fed the rest of the animals and said our goodbyes and I got a excellent report to say go again which I was really pleased with I had a fantastic time and will go again to see my meerkat friends.

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