Thursday, 25 June 2015

My Cheshire Show - Jordan Barlow

I am studying in My Fearon's Animal Care class and I was invited to show the pygmy goats at the Cheshire Show. On the first day, some of the other students were involved in showing the sheep (I will leave them to write about that) so we spent the day supporting them and preparing our goats for showing on Wednesday.

This year it was the National Championships for the Pygmy Goat Club so the classes were very big and there was lots of competition. I was showing Phoebe in the Young Handlers category. There were nine other people in my class, including Josie from our school and Fleur and Oliver from Grove Street Primary School who were showing Sooty and Sweep (Phoebe's kids).

Before the show I had to prepare Phoebe by brushing her hair and trimming her hooves which we had already done the week before but we wanted to make sure she was in very good condition for showing. We had already been practicing walking our goats on leads before the show.

In the competition I came 5th and another lady who had lots more goats with her asked me if I would show some of her goats and I came 6th in that category which was really good because it was a national competition.

All of the people that we met from the Pygmy Goat Club were really friendly and helpful, and they showed us the best way to present our goats to the judge. It was a really fun couple of days and the weather was really warm and sunny.

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